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Generate Reports of various types by a simple mouse click on your desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Follow Mode

Track Objects in Real-Time. Always know where your loved ones are.

Geo Fencing

Restricted Areas. Define your home, office, gym, favorite restaurant or areas you would like to avoid.


Define multiple Groups, your family, your cars or combine any number of devices into one or more groups.

Live Routes

View Real-Time Routes of selected devices. Monitor any device and have it protected while on the move.


Generate Charts and other types of reports, from routs to events just by click of a button.

Object Types

Select from a range of various different types of objects you like to track, a car, a person, a cellphone, your pet and many more.

Calendar Function

Custom Filter by Calendar to help you search records fast and convenient.

Alert Function

Send Alerts directly from your device manually or by automatic detection.


Get quick statistics such as total distance and more.

Multiple Maps

Select from HERE, Bing, Google Maps and native Map layers including Geocoding.

Push Notification

Customized push notifications by email, web or SMS for specific events.

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